Professional certificate in business studies

This Professional Certificate encourages the development of new entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico and encourages an entrepreneurial attitude in the university community. The studies leading to the Certificate are available to all students of the Campus and to the general public, including government personnel and private companies who wish to develop their entrepreneurial attitudes.

The study program for the Certificate consists of five courses (3 credits each) with a total of 225 contact hours. The program begins with the Development of a Business Idea and concludes with the preparation of a Business Plan. The courses are organized in a curricular sequence that allows addressing business education as a complement to the area of ​​study of the various specialties. In this way, it is possible to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to create and develop businesses in various areas of interest.

The required curricular sequence can be completed in four semesters. The courses allow to know business topics that in turn, help to implement innovative strategies. Local entrepreneurs and expert professors in local and international business development issues teach the courses. The teaching methodology starts from a theoretical framework that includes the key aspects of globalization and the vital requirements in the socio-economic development of the country. In addition, models are applied and cases are studied that provide strategies for innovation and success. The courses are updated and focused on the mind-set of the entrepreneur with characteristics of leadership, innovation and ethics. 

The training given at top business studies course Malaysia can be 100% deductible, so it would not entail any cost for people who are hired within the General Social Security Scheme; This bonus is processed by the Widad University of Business Studies, for Training in Employment, through the training credits available to each worker, intended for learning during their professional career.

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